Great things happen

When the right people connect
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We invest time and effort to authentically engage, understand, collaborate and deliver outstanding results.

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Professional Contracting

We deliver highly experienced professionals. We provide the right people, at the right time.

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Permanent Recruitment

We proactively search to identify the best professionals, ensuring we focus on experience, knowledge and cultural alignment.

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Great things happen when the right people connect.

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Likemind works with people who share our approach to work and to living…

We are a like-minded group of professionals who want to make a difference.

Whether it is delivering consulting services, professional contracting, or recruitment we invest time, to listen, and to understand what our client is really looking for, whether that be an outcome, or a professional to assist in moving forward. 

We are all about adding value, connecting the dots, and delivering a solution to take the pain away.  We believe that when the right connections are made, amazing things can happen.


Paying it forward is important to the team at Likemind. Therefore, through each placement, we make a donation to PetRefuge

PetRefuge was established to provide temporary shelter for pets affected by domestic violence, keeping them safe while their owners escape abuse.

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Right time

"Outstanding and empathetic recruiter"


“Forever grateful for what you did for me”


“You're a rockstar!”


“Authentic, so many consider you a friend as well as a colleague”

Consulting Professional

“Incredible leader and manager”


“Natural ability to connect, and more importantly stay connected”


“You are a superstar! Thank you for your amazing support and finding me so many talented staff”


“An absolute pleasure to work with over the years”

Consulting Professional

“Been great to work with you and see all the great things you've achieved”

Consulting Professional

“Thank you for all you have done for me over the years, it’s been a pleasure knowing you”


“It’s been a privilege to work with you Kim”


“You are awesome – loved working with you over the last nine years”


“Loved working with you!”


“Your open, honest and willing attitude has enabled us to establish a really good working relationship”